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E.S.Lahtinen Oy
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E.S.Lahtinen Oy

Production facilities

E.S. Lahtinen Oy is located in southern Ostrobothnia in Finland and produces ESLA mobility devices with the help of 50 employees.

E.S.Lahtinen Oy is over 80 years old

The company was founded at 1928. The first business was to sell motorcycles, so an agreement was made and Mr. Erkki Samuli Lahtinen became a retail sales agent of Indian motorcycles.

Kicksleds since year 1933

The series production of familiar ESLA kicksleds was started in 1933. ESLA kicksled has been a market leader in Finland since the 70's and over a million pieces have been manufactured. Today, the company produces different kinds of mobility device for people of all age groups.

Subcontracting is also a significant part of the business.

ESLA mobility devices are sold in Finland by bicycle-, sports- and hardware stores and other well equipped stores.

Giant kicksled!

ESLA products are constantly developed

E.S. Lahtinen Oy develops the products and invests in quality and product responsibility aspects. ESLA products are well-known especially for their good quality and the products are CE-marked. The products are continuously developed and we improve our operations according to ISO 9001 quality standard.

Rollator in a testbench