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ESLA Mobility devices

We produce ESLA devices for mobility. Our range of products includes suitable equipment for moving about indoors or outdoors in winter and summer.

Picture store

In case you need higher resolution pictures of our products, you may find them at our picture store.

Kicksled kicksled With Kicksled you can excercise and have fun on ice and snow. Kicksled has a wooden frame and steel runners.
Kickspark Kickspark Kickspark is a steel or aluminum framed vehicle for more sporty exercise or racing.
Scooter Scooter Scooter is a two-wheeled, steel framed scooter with fair size wheels.
Kickcycle Kickcycle Kickcycle is a solid steel framed vehicle for safe and fluid ride with four wheels.
Cityspark Cityspark Cityspark is a shorter and lighter four-wheeled vehicle for comfortable riding.
Rollator Rollator Rollator is a robust but fairly light walker for indoors or outdoors.