E.S.Lahtinen Oy

E.S. Lahtinen Oy is located in southern Ostrobothnia in Finland and produces ESLA mobility devices with the help of 38 employees.

E.S.Lahtinen Oy is 90 years old

The company was founded in 1928. The business began with the intention to import and sell motorcycles, so a contract was made and Mr. Erkki Samuli Lahtinen proudly became a retail sales agent of Indian motorcycles.

Business model

E. S. Lahtinen Oy’s products and manufacturing processes are ecologically friendly, and its mobility designs are designed to assist all year round, providing safe and comfortable travel both inside and out. In regards to subcontracting, the business model is centred around producing thin metal parts using press techniques.


E. S. Lahtinen Oy is a comfortably growing, profitable family business.  We are a trustworthy supplier that works safely. We are an honest business and proud to be Finnish.

Proudly manufactured in Finland

avainlippuOur products carry the “Made in Finland” key logo. We dont ship our production overseas, as we feel we can attain the best quality for you by making as much as possible right here in Koura village. All our products are between 80-99% produced in Finland.




ESLA products are being constantly developed

ce70E.S. Lahtinen Oy develops products and invests in quality control and constant improvement to both our processes and our end products. ESLA products have a great reputation for quality and lifespan. The products are continuously developed, enhanced and are CE-marked. We strictly adhere to the ISO 9001 quality standard.


The environmental impact over the lifespan of our products.

Esla products are designed and tested carefully before going on sale. Kickcycles, rollators and walking aids are all CE marked. All ESLA designs have been proven to have a very long product life. Our models are designed so that even if changes need to be made over the years, it is still possible to obtain parts for your ESLA products after many years. All spare parts are available for at least ten years after you have bought the product.

Esla products are designed so that all parts can be fully recycled after use. Wood, metal and plastic parts are easily detached and seperate from each other for easy recycling. Using ESLA products will not harm the environment in any way.