Endurance and Quality Demands

ESLA Kickcycles are fully CE tested

There are strictly defined ISO-testing methods to be followed when testing products in this category.

The tests pay close attention to all the areas of the kickcycle and its use, like stability, braking, durability, steering, rolling, build quality and operating instructions.


Our kickcycles stability has been tested in thorough tilt angle tests. The device must keep stable and must not overturn forwards or sideways when inclining under normal load.

chk_yesESLA Kickcycles have fully passed all stability tests.


Durability is tested by first stressing the steering assembly and foot plates with a major load for over 200 000 cycles. During the tests the device must keep undisturbed and the assemblage must keep firm.

chk_yesESLA Kickcycles have fully passed all durability tests.


Strength is tested by stressing the frame twice in a very high load situation for a few seconds in each cycle. During the test the device must not break down nor should there be any distortion.

chk_yesESLA Kickcycles have fully passed all strength tests.