Frequently asked questions

Do you deliver anywhere else than Finland?

The webstore is available in all the countries listed here.If your country is not listed, please email us at to discuss your requirements.

What size kicksled should I buy for my child?

Kicksleds are available to suit children of all ages. We provide a sizing chart to help you choose, see here.

Size table for kicksleds

Why are kicksleds not height adjustable?

Our kicksleds are numbered from 1-8. As the sled height increases, the length and width adjust accordingly so that the sleds are suitable for their user. Therefore all our sleds are designed for maximum useability and comfort for the rider.

Are kicksleds suitable in traffic?

Kicksled users are classed in most countries as pedestrians. Please check this in your own country before using your sled in a public area. When on a public highway, you should ride your kicksled toward the flow of traffic. Reflectors are white on both the front and the back.

My kicksled doesn't slide well, what should I do?

Over many years or hard use, the zinc coating on the runners can wear, allowing light surface corosion. A light sanding before use will help if this should be the case. The best solution is often to select plastic over runners for your sled, this will help it to slide in a wider variety of terrain.

I am 165cm tall and according to the sizing chart the best sled for me is a T4 model. My friend has a T6 and it seems to fit me well. Which one is right for me?

Its good to try sleds before if you can. Everyones preferences are different and the sizing chart is a good guide. But if you find a different size works well for you, then go with the flow! If you are using your kicksled for competitions or long distances, you may find a lower sled more suitable.