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Kicksleds are used to travel easily over snow and ice, and people inĀ  Scandinavia have been using them for many generations. We all have fond memories of kicksledding with our families or going on adventures with our friends.
Today our kicksleds are used in winter for exercise, recreation, wilderness trips, dog sledding, ice fishing, competition, and commuting to school or work.

ESLA has been in business in Finland since 1928, and has been series producing our famous kicksleds since 1933. Today ESLA is still owned and operated by the same family, and we have become the biggest manufacturer of kicksleds in the world. All our products are made with pride to the highest standards here in Koura village, from local materials and with care for the environment in mind.
We have a huge range of different sizes, colours and styles of kicksleds to suit everyone.

We are actively looking to increase our dealer network in North America, Europe and Japan. Do you market to the sports, fitness and outdoors community? If so, you could become a dealer of classic ESLA kicksleds for your local area.

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