E.S. Lahtinen Oy is also a reliable supplier of metal products

E.S. Lahtinen Oy is a metal production factory located in Ostrobothnia, west Finland. We manufacture our own ESLA products with the help of 33 employees.

However, about half of our annual turnover is obtained from subcontracting. We currently manufacture sheet metal parts from both steel and aluminium for over 100 other companies. We have 4400 m2 of production facilities and 2100 m2 of storage space.

Pressed sheet metal parts

Our subcontracting concentrates on producing thin sheet metal parts using power presses and robot welding machines. Our main production consists of parts manufactured using automatic feed lines.

We also have an automatic powder coating line which allows us to help many other companies to fulfill their subcontracting needs.

The main strengths for subcontracting are:

  • reliability (we have about 70 years of experience on press machines)
  • a wide range of complete tools
  • our own tool design (CAD) and production
  • vast experience in mass production – rapid offer calculation
  • a large base of customer support
  • long working relationships with satisfied customers
  • good connections to other suppliers
  • the drive for continuous development (standard ISO 9001)
  • flexibility


  • power presses of between 150kN – 1000 kN, sixteen machines
  • automatic rotary saws, four machines
  • automatic punching lines of 400-500 kN
  • automatic perforating line (special machine)
  • automatic punching saw line for aluminium.
  • automatic blanking press line (special machine)
  • automatic bandsaw, pipe bending machine, threading machine (M3-M10)
  • robot welding station with radial table max. 100 kg/a piece, L = 1000
  • robot welding station with rotary table max. 150 kg/a piece, L = 2500
  • automatic powder coating line with pre-phosphating and robot painting

Contact details

E. S. Lahtinen Oy
Production manager Timo Kantola
Kouranasematie 46, 61160 KOURA, FINLAND
telephone: +358 6 4299 400 telefax: +358 6 4299 410